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Water the way nature intended; it’s Anti-Oxidizing, Anti-Aging, Anti-Inflammatory, Alkaline, and actually absorbs & hydrates at a cellular level.

(If you’re the skeptical type skip down to the bottom for science on this technology and some great studies, we love your type. You’re skeptical but not closed minded.)

If you’re really excited and want to fully understand how this water could help you or someone you love, watch this amazing visual presentation!

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I know we are all trying our best to eat healthy, exercise more, stress less, and feel more energized for the things most important to us. We were never educated on one of the simplest aspects to our health; the water we put in to our bodies! We are over 70% water and we just guzzle down whatever water we have, and hope for the best (or don’t drink enough water). Sure, you at least know you need to filter water or maybe you’ve got a favorite bottled water (don’t get us started on what that does to our oceans & planet), but you don’t know what you don’t know!

When we first discovered this, we couldn’t believe what we saw from the tests in the visual presentation! How could we have not known about this!? Especially that water like this still exists in nature in 14 places in the world.

We were so excited, and a bit skeptical, until we read the science and actually drank it for a while. We noticed more energy, better sleep & mental focus, less aches and pains, faster recovery, less lactic acid after workouts, and especially how hydrated we felt!!

Some people we’ve given this water to have had some even more dramatic results with less pain, transformed skin (because of its anti-aging properties), and a sense of wellness they haven’t had in years. I suppose that’s why some call it “healing” water in the places it exists in nature. The truth is, it’s not magic, your body was wonderfully designed and has ability to heal itself if given the right things. This water has properties that dissipate in 3 days and needs to be drank fresh out of the system; just like a cold pressed fresh squeezed juice or fresh vegetables need to be fresh to get the max nutrients.

Come into our North Park location to fill your bottle on the house!

The interest in this water began when scientists started studying the “healing” waters in various parts of the world (including Tlacote, Mexico and Nordenau, Germany), and found how nature was making such a special water.

The technology was used many placed, even NASA, and finally perfected in Japan over 40 years ago and is used in over 400 of their hospitals to this day.

When you own this technology, you can transform ordinary tap water into an electrolyzed anti-oxidizing, alkaline, hydration power house! As you probably saw in the video above it can make 4 levels of drinking water, a beauty water for your skin, a sanitizing water to replace all household cleaning chemicals, and a produce wash proven to remove a majority of all the harmful pesticides in your produce! Talk about money savings! In one year, we saved what we had invested in the system. Honestly, we were so blown away that we started using these different waters for everything; in all our juices, smoothies, coffees, and even for whitening our teeth! Haha!

Here is everything you can use the special waters for:

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Or come on into our North Park location to fill your bottle on the house!

Ok, ok, here’s more info for you skeptical types, we get it! We have had many friends, family, and co-workers that were not only skeptical, but completely closed off to hearing about “special” water, and closed off to even experiencing it for themselves. (Bummer for them to not get the benefits.) If you want to be closed-minded, and you’re happy just the way your body feels now that’s totally fine, but we feel it is our mission to educate & help people the best we can!

 We already mentioned how this exists in nature and how this system is simply mimicking how nature creates these healthy properties. There are some Knock off units on the internet that use chemicals and very unnatural ways to create this. Any bottled water claiming to be the same is made with additives and not natural. Ours is the original manufacturer and the only one created naturally.

Dr. Mercola used to talk negatively against Alkalized Anti Oxidizing water until he realized it is actually Electrolyzed Reduced water containing Hydrogen gas (a substance that contains more anti inflammatory properties that any other substance you can put in your body! And it’s an anti-oxidant that donates to free radicals continually, never becoming a free radical like most popular anti-oxidants today.)

One thing you can do is go to this 3rd party testing site: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17159237

Next, here is the Summary & Conclusions from the most recent Human studies when comparing with other water:

(the scientific name is electrolyzed reduced water or alkalized ionized, nothing is added to our water, it is produced with a form of electrolysis).

“Shows greater antioxidant capacity, in addition the testing showed a reduction in the inflammatory response when exposed to inflammatory cells. Cellular metabolism and energy production in Neutrophil cells was enhanced (improved) significantly in the presence of glucose. To put it simply, the water greater improved the function of the cellular engine.

The testing of this water in sports recovery and inflammation revealed and increase in red cell production, resulting in increased oxygen delivery and carbon dioxide removal. There was also a reduction in the release of inflammatory cells which reduces exercise stress related to inflammation. Increased production of platelets with the consumption of this water was also observed and suggests and improved readiness for stress induced damage repair. From a subject point of view, the study participants drinking the water showed a statistically significant improvement in recovery from the exercises and an improved sense of well being.”