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Be one with your bike.

Schedule a personalized bike fitting with one of our certified experts and experience the best ride of your life.

To maximize comfort and performance and get the most out of every ride, your bike needs to match your unique biomechanics and desired cycling experience.

Our certified Body Geometry bike fit specialists will take the time to understand your goals and measure your specific physical capabilities, strengths, and limiters, then fine tune your bike to improve comfort and enjoyment while boosting performance. Check out what our customers have to say below, and feel free to reach out anytime with questions or to schedule your personalized bike fitting.

What makes our bike fitting process unique?


“I’m very pleased with the fit and have been enjoying some extra power the last few days.” — Brian D.
“Bravo for a job well done! Here’s the crazy part. I did a ride that we do quite often so I know my typical current speed at different checkpoints for a given effort both going solo and with a group being able to draft. Simply put, my speed today exceeded anything I would have imagined based on my effort and the fact that I was solo.” — Corky S.
“This was our first fitting ever and Mark was great. Mark took his time with us, explaining everything along the way, and also installed after-market accessories so the fit would be correct. Since, we’ve put 100 miles on our bikes. No more neck pain for me and no more knee pain for my son.” — Pete C.
“[Mark] impressed me tremendously with his extensive knowledge of the anatomy of one’s body as he discussed my knee, toe, and back issues…Unfortunately, I had to wait three long days, on account of rain to realize I had a perfectly fitted bike. I learned, first-hand, a 3D fitting was definitely worth it!” — Cathy V.
“If you are already putting a lot of money into the bike, why not spend a little extra to make sure you get the most out of your investment and ensure your body is working in the most effective and efficient manor? I would recommend PRO BIKE+RUN to anyone looking for a new bike. I would also highly recommend scheduling a fitting with Mark to ensure proper body alignment to minimize the impact to your joints while getting the most out of your purchase.” — John G.
“Mark was very knowledgeable in really trying to get the bike to fit around my needs. I have nerve damage in my right arm, which I thought would be a challenge — however Mark did not even so much as hesitate. He fit the bike around my disability, listening to what I was saying and studying my back for the right fit…I was very satisfied with my fit and noticed a huge difference the moment I rode away from the store.” — Austin B.
“Mark is extremely knowledgeable in bike fitting. He ensures you get the most out of every peddle push…I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their power on a bike, eliminate pains, and increase stability when riding.” — Joe H.

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